Something About the Indian Media Industry

The Indian media and entertainment industry is all poised to enter the golden era. India is currently one of the biggest markets of the media and entertainment industry and is expected to rake in multi-billion dollars in the next few years. The Indian media industry has over 500 national and regional TV channels and over 1,100 films are produced all over the country each year. The business of media in India is expected to grow exponentially.It can be undoubtedly said that the film industry has ushered in the greatest boom in the Indian media industry. The film industry of India is the largest in the world with over three billion submissions each year. Many of the leading global entertainment giants are making a beeline for the Indian film industry. Production houses like Warner Bros and Walt Disney are partnering projects in India in collaboration with the domestic production houses.There are several other factors that have contributed to the growth of the entertainment and media industry of India. The Indian middle class has witnessed a rise in their levels of income of late. Besides, the advancement of technology and change in the consumption patterns has almost overhauled the functioning and style of the Indian media industry. Right from production, distribution, marketing and exhibition, the entire process has undergone a complete transformation. The rapid growth of multiplexes that has now almost reached every nook and corner of the country has met the consumer’s demand for entertainment at an ambience and has also helped in boosting the production of niche films targeted at a select audience.Media in India has enjoyed freedom of expression since long ago. It has been able to highlight the ills of the society and has often built mass opinion to voice against corruption and other issues.At a recent seminar at New Delhi on the Indian media industry, experts said that all the stakeholders eke out a good roadmap, achieving $100 billion in the near future won’t be a tough target. The head of one of the major production houses pointed out in the seminar that there were several hurdles towards that end. Media in India needs to have better content, especially the TV industry. Talent is also another issue. But he too was of the opinion that $100 billion turnover wasn’t impossible to achieve.The Indian media industry is based on four pillars: content, digitization, distribution and platform. While great strides have been made in the last three, the content still remains a sore point, especially for the TV industry. Indian TV content is mired in mediocrity but there are some production houses that have taken prudent steps in improving their content.The coming days could be very important for the Indian media industry.

Business Travel App – How it is Useful For the Users

My first business trip was in the country where people do not have English as their native tongue. I was terribly nervous when I reached there alone. Because I didn’t know their language therefore all the time I make apology for not knowing their language.The colleague of mine who lived there said to me, no big deal brother we will manage. But, I am not feeling good because of not understanding their language. In some places English has been taught as a second language and after the globalization of the world it becomes the language of business deals. So began my International business trip with the several mistakes along the way. When I came back and told about the awkward situation to my boss then he realized that this is the biggest problem all the business travelers have to face. After 2-3 days he conducted a brainstorming session with all my colleagues including me and discussed about the situation. During the session some members came and joined the session.After the discussion was completed, my boss called those members for giving their introduction. They are the iPhone app developers from the renowned company Apple. One of the members came in front and asks us “How many of you are using iPhone”? It was a shock that up to ninety percent from us are using an iPhone. Then he asked about the iPhone uses and got the same answers from the users as they are using some ordinary mobile phone that is for clicking pictures, listening to music, sharing photos, ringtones, SMS, phone calls, playing games, doing social networking etc.The person was listening carefully and taking notes about what people are saying. After this session, he asked about the problems that we are facing daily while doing a job and noted all the points carefully. I also stand up and told about my business trip problem. He listens it carefully and the call one his colleague with an iPhone and arranged some video clipping session for us. At that time we all seem to be confused! Then he started a presentation session where he told about the iPhone features to use and some applications that we all are using. We are still seem to be confused while this iPhone presentation session.Then the person opens a list of applications whose name also we have not heard yet and they are present from years to be used by iPhone. He told us about the app and mainly focused on the business applications that are present for use and that can make our work faster and efficient than before. One of the applications which I want to share with your all here is the “Business Travel app”. This is the application that has changed my business life totally. Now, I am always ready for going on the business travel anywhere in the world because my best colleague is now with me that is “Business Travel app”- the best iPhone travel app in the world. It makes my work easy and efficient. Just install an application on the iPhone and create a user. The email all the business trip planning, name of the destination place, your meeting schedule etc and sit freely.The itinerary manager will manage all the rest of the things automatically on your iPhone. The business travel app will provide you the flight details for the destination along with many options. You can choose the route that takes your less time for traveling and in an affordable price. You can book flight tickets, hotel rooms, in advance from your iPhone app. It also helps you in doing translation of the language if you do not know the people’s language where you have gone. It will provide you the details about the most visited place of the destination city where you can visit after getting free from you r business meetings. All this you can enjoy by just installing an application on your iPhone that is “Business Travel app”.

The Benefits of Venturing in Online Business Travel

Nowadays, it is hard to watch a TV program without seeing a commercial for a vacation deal. Same thing goes for when you are browsing the Internet. How many times have you seen a side bar advertisement for an online booking for a trip? One glaring fact is that in the past few years, we have seen a boom in the travel industry. People are more inclined to travel these days than they were in the past. A lot of factors have spurred this, but the most apparent insight is that there is a lot of opportunity in the travel business industry.For starters, people are more inclined to travel these days because of the cost of traveling has decreased compared to how it was before. People thought it was more affordable now, more than ever. It also helps that the last decade saw an increase in what a regular household makes-people now have dispensable income, and allocating some of it for travel does not really affect their budget. Aside from financial factors, another reason why traveling has become a popular preference for leisure these days is because arranging a trip has never been more easier, and this is where online travel business comes in. Since traveling has now become a commodity, people now seek a more convenient way to book their trips.The demand for travel is at its best during the past years, and it has even been dubbed by some as the 8-trillion dollar industry. This is what makes it one of the most viable ventures when it comes to online businesses. In the next points, we will take you through the gains of going into online business travel.You manage your own time. Are you the type who tends to be more productive when you are not being micro-managed? If that is the case, then this is the right type of business for you. You do not have to worry about your boss breathing down your neck, or sticking to strict 8-hour workdays. You are also at a liberty to take vacations anytime since you are not bound by limited vacation days-if you are up for it, you can even take your work with you if you really want an extended vacation.You earn a satisfactory amount of money. Needless to say, the income is good in online travel business. As mentioned in the points earlier, it has become an essential part of our culture, so there is always a high demand for suppliers who will make booking trips easier and more expedient for travelers. The main reason why this type of business caught your attention is because you love traveling yourself, right? It is very rare to find someone who does not like traveling or who would not want to travel some time in the future. That goes without saying that the industry is here to stay, and you might want to be part of it when it flourishes even more.You reap in benefits other than your income. When you venture in travel business, it is a good mix of work and play most of the time. Because of your collaborations with certain hotels and airlines, it will be like your tapping into an access to various discounts, freebies, and many other travel-related perks. That is, of course, if you will put a lot of thought on the company or establishments that you will partner with. There is also the benefit of learning more about specific places. Since your role will primarily be the advocate of these places, it would be best to know the culture, history, and the attractions of a certain destination.When you venture in online travel business, you do not work for money, but rather, you let the money work for you. The industry has not even reached its peak, so more good things can be expected of it as an investment. If this is something that you see yourself doing, you might want to start reading up as early as now. Exposing yourself to the nitty-gritty will help you understand why this business venture is one for the books.